3 positions the New England Patriots must upgrade in 2024

The New England Patriots need more talent on their roster.
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The New England Patriots have a few spots along their roster that need some serious help going forward. These three positions should be a top priority for 2024. Luckily for the team, they are projected to have a ton of cap space and currently a very deep free agent market to choose from. At the end of the day, though, the best teams in the NFL are built through the draft, but free agency can be a great spot for any team to improve their roster.

The Patriots might end up going through some significant change in the offseason. Bill Belichick might not be the head coach and General Manager of the New England Patriots if the season continues how its started. The Pats have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL this year, and it's not getting any easier in Week 4 versus the Dallas Cowboys.

Which three positions on the roster need to improve for 2024?

3 positions the New England Patriots must upgrade in 2024
1. Tackle

Yeah, Belichick whiffed big-time on trying to improve the tackle situation this season. Calvin Anderson and Riley Reiff were his two free agent moves at the position, and Reiff is on IR. Anderson has been pretty awful so far, and neither of them seem to be more than backup options at this point.

Trent Brown has been fine, but to me, he's too up and down to justify keeping him as a starting tackle on the team. The entire OL, to be fair, has struggled but also has been quite injured this year, so it's not all on performance. However, the team needs some boost at both tackle spots. The Patriots might be able to do something like sign a legitimate starter at one of the tackle spot in free agency and address the other spot high in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Either way, this unit needs to improve in 2024.