3 players the Patriots should bench vs. Saints after week 4 embarrassment

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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Vederian Lowe

Is it surprising that a player from the offensive line would make this list?

Probably not. However, the worst of the bunch so far has been Vederian Lowe, primarily through the last two games, which would make it fair if he doesn't see many snaps this upcoming weekend. It's difficult to entirely blame him since the first three starts of his NFL career have been this season, but the offensive line has been the worst unit of this Patriots team, and he has been a strong contributor to that.

Since getting the start in week two, Lowe has allowed 17 pressures, two quarterback hits, and two sacks. Some of his performance has gone under the radar, with Michael Onwenu receiving three penalties in Sunday's game, for instance, but it's been a constant issue through three weeks.

It's not unexpected that the Patriots haven't established a competent right tackle this season since it has been a problem for them over the last couple of seasons, and it's continuing to be a leading cause of struggles for the offense and will keep being a problem until Belichick decides to make a change.

Given how poorly he played against the Cowboys, benching Lowe seems deserving. However, with their limited depth for the offensive line, it may not actually happen, even though it really should.