3 players the Patriots could trade down for in the 2024 NFL Draft

These players could be worth it for New England to trade down for

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The New England Patriots hold the number three overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Having a top-three pick is a huge opportunity to improve the team. With a great pick comes considerable responsibilities to ensure the team makes the best selection possible.

There is a lot of debate about what that pick should be, with most believing the only logical choice is taking a quarterback. Yet, at the same time, there will be some great talent at wide receiver and offensive tackle available, both of which are positions the Patriots need to address first and foremost this offseason.

But what if they aren't thrilled with who's available once they're on the clock?

What if the help that is needed can be picked up later? It's possible that will be the case, and trading down might be the best way to go, especially with the talent that fills the 2024 class.

3 players the Patriots could trade down for in NFL Draft

1. Kamren Kinchens, safety - Miami

Adding Kamren Kinchens would improve a secondary that's already pretty good. But what will it take to acquire Kinchens? Kinchens is currently projected to go early in the second round, but it would be after the Patriots would make their second-round selection. Instead of using their original second-round pick (34th overall), they could trade down to, at the furthest, the 40th overall pick.

But who is Kamren Kinchens?

Kinchens was a three-year player at the University of Miami. All he did was improve during his time with the Hurricanes. His tackling improved, as well as being a ballhawk with either defending passes or intercepting passes. With mentorship from (hopefully a re-signed) Kyle Dugger and Jabrill Peppers, Kinchens would be a hard-hitting safety who also looks like Darrelle Revis regarding defending passes.

2. Tyler Guyton, OT - Oklahoma

This year's class at the offensive tackle position is going to be special. The Patriots offensive line needs help, especially with Trent Brown hitting the free agency market. Tyler Guyton is a tackle worth trading down from number three to get. Yes, Guyton is that guy. But why exactly is Tyler Guyton worth trading down from three?

How far would the Patriots need to trade down to justify drafting Guyton?

First things first, obviously, trading down from the third overall pick means the Patriots are adding to their draft capital. But where exactly would New England end up taking Guyton? The Patriots would need to be about early to mid-20s to take Guyton. Guyton didn't give up any sacks in 2023, and has only given up three hurries. It's safe to say Guyton knows how to keep his quarterback upright.

3. Xavier Worthy, WR - Texas

Yes, the Patriots can trade down and still get a wide receiver that has the potential to be a number-one receiver for the offense. Worthy is a second-round pick, so once again, the Patriots would be trading down in the second round. But, they again build their draft capital in this process as well.

As for Worthy, his numbers did take a hit this season, with Adonai Mitchell rising to help bring Texas to a College Football Playoff berth. However, Worthy did have over 1000 yards receiving this year and did average 13.5 yards per reception. Even though he was more of a Robin as Mitchell was a Batman, Worthy has proven during his time with Texas he is worthy of being a number one receiver.

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