3 overreactions to the Patriots unexpected win over the Steelers in Week 14

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers
New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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Overreaction #2: Beating the Steelers was bad for the Patriots 2024 draft position

Maybe you are aboard the tank train, or you're just along for the ride because you know how much the Patriots would benefit from a higher first-round draft pick. If either applies to you, then how a win impacts their chances of remaining in the top 3 is all you're thinking about now that they've moved to a record of 3-10.

The good thing is the Cardinals are on a bye this week, meaning the Patriots do not move up or down in the draft order and are staying put with the 2nd overall selection for another week.

It does impact their chances to land the coveted first pick, which many were hoping could become a bigger possibility if they lost on Thursday. But given how poorly the Panthers have been playing, and they still have three games against their division to end the season, it's fair to assume the Patriots would not fare worse than them.

This doesn't mean all hope should be lost regarding their chances of grabbing one of the top quarterbacks of the class, since that seems to be the prioritized positions from most fans.

It may mean they won't have a chance at Caleb Williams, as he is the projected first quarterback off the board. But there are a handful of other quarterbacks that will be available starting with Drake Maye who has been a favorite to land in New England anyway.