3 overrated moves of the Patriots 2024 offseason 

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There’s no denying the Patriots roster has more talent than it did 12 months ago. But that's not to say the off-season has been a complete success. 

There should be some buyer's remorse surrounding some signings and one departure has left a gaping hole in the roster

What decisions should have the front office be second guessing as OTAs begin?

3 overrated moves of the Patriots 2024 offseason 

Re-signing Kendrick Bourne 

Recency bias must have played a big part in the decision to re-sign Bourne. In his last five starts, Bourne hauled in 27 of his 38 targets, scoring four touchdowns in the process. Fans called for Bourne's return after he tore his ACL in Week 8 last year, and the front office obeyed.

But unfortunately, that’s the story of his career. 

Bourne has never started more than eight games in a single season, and that hasn't happened since 2018! Even when he's been healthy, the former 49er has never caught more than 55 passes in a regular season or crossed the 800 receiving yards barrier. 

Back in March, re-signing Bourne seemed like a sensible decision. But after signing K.J. Osborn to a one-year $4 million contract, drafting two more receivers, and signing undrafted free agents David Wallis and Beau Corrales, Bourne now seems more of a luxury than a necessity. 

At 6-foot-1 and 205 pounds, Ja’Lynn Polk is essentially a carbon copy of Bourne. They even have similar 40-yard times, Polk’s at 4.52 and Bourne’s at 4.68. 

Bourne’s new deal pays more than $19 million over the next three years and features heavy dead cap penalties if they cut him before it runs it has run its course.