3 nightmare scenarios for the Patriots now and in the future

The New England Patriots have had a rough 2023 NFL season, and these scenarios coming true could make their situation even tougher, now and going forward.
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets
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2. Jets' QB Zach Wilson hits his stride and leads team to the playoffs

We know that the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills are likely going to win enough games to make the postseason. Both rosters are very talented and each has a very skilled QB, which is a requirement for success in today's NFL. I think a nightmare scenario would be the New York Jets falling into that category.

They are winning games in spite of Zach Wilson, their third-year QB who was taken in the same class as Mac Jones. Sure, they have Aaron Rodgers on the mend, but it would be truly awful to see Wilson hit his stride in 2023 and figure it out all of a sudden. If that's the case, the Jets likely keep Wilson as their starter and would probably store him away as QB2 if Aaron Rodgers were to come back in 2024.

But eventually, Wilson hitting his stride would likely keep him as the team's starter, and then all of a sudden, the Patriots would be the only team in the division with serious quarterback concerns going forward. In the immediate future, seeing Wilson hit his stride and lead the Jets to the playoffs would be terrible to witness.

The Patriots have owned the Jets in recent years and I'm sure they'd like to keep that up.