3 nightmare scenarios for the Patriots now and in the future

The New England Patriots have had a rough 2023 NFL season, and these scenarios coming true could make their situation even tougher, now and going forward.
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The New England Patriots have a ton of work to do to get their franchise back on the right track. These nightmare scenarios coming true would be an insult to injury for this team. Prepare for the worst, and expect the best, right? Well, for the Patriots, the worst has come true in 2023 thus far.

The team is 2-5 and clearly not a good team in 2023. Their win last Week against the Buffalo Bills was nice, but I think that doesn't change things for this team. They are still three games out of the win column in the AFC East, so any hopes of winning the division are probably gone. The team also lacks a ton of explosiveness on offense and has a pretty iffy defense with both Matthew Judon and Christian Gonzalez out.

Now and in the future, the Patriots might have to ensure more pain. I guess going through some rough patches is something every team has to go through in order to enjoy success on the other side. Let's brew up three nightmare scenarios for the team that would seriously hurt now and in the long-run.

3 nightmare scenarios for the Patriots now and in the future
1. Patriots win too many games and can't get a top QB prospect in 2024

I understand that this situation can be tricky. On one hand, fans might want their team to win regardless of potential draft status. Getting a higher pick usually yields a better prospect, especially at the QB spot. The top two QB prospects in the 2024 class appear to be Caleb Williams and Drake Maye. Currently, the Patriots have the sixth overall pick in the coming draft, so they are currently out of range.

Well, if this team wins six-ish games, what good does that do for them? They'd be out of range for the top QBs in the draft and other top prospects like Marvin Harrison Jr and Olu Fashanu. The Pats truly need to rebuild their offense, and for the long-term, it's best for them to get one of those blue-chip offensive prospects.

Winning six games takes them out of that possibility.