3 New England Patriots who don't deserve to be at Thanksgiving table

Who shouldn't be at the Thanksgiving Day table?

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3. Mac Jones, QB

There really is no one else who is less deserving of a seat at the Thanksgiving table than QB Mac Jones. He's be downright awful this year and has been a total bust of a draft pick. I think some fans and media members are still holding onto his encouraging rookie season as reason to be hopeful. but my goodness, Jones is in his third year in the NFL.

If Jones hasn't closed the door on this franchise QB debate, he never fill. I think the best course of action for this team is a fresh start for both sides Or, instead of that, perhaps a new coaching staff would also help. I do see a scenario where Jones is on the roster in 2023, and it's if Bill Belichick and his coaching staff is replaced.

If not, I think Jones is playing for another team in 2023, and the one that makes the most sense to me is the San Francisco 49ers and their QB-friendly scheme. Anyway, Mac Jones has thrown 10 touchdowns against 10 interceptions this year and has been among the worst three starters at QB in the league.

I think if the Patriots want to give themselves the highest possible draft pick, they should keep Jones in the lineup. There is reason to believe that Mac Jones is not 100% responsible for his decline, though, as Belichick's puzzling coaching decisions in 2022 surely played a part, but at the end of the day, Jones is the one taking the field.