3 New England Patriots who don't deserve to be at Thanksgiving table

Who shouldn't be at the Thanksgiving Day table?

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
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2. JC Jackson, CB

The move to re-acquire JC Jackson from the Los Angeles Chargers made a lot of sense since rookie CB Christian Gonzalez has been out for weeks now. Well, that hasn't worked out. Jackson was excellent during his first tenure with the Patriots from 2018-2021, amassing 25 interceptions and 53 passes defended in 62 games.

He was insanely productive, and departed New England for the Chargers, where it became evident very quickly that he was not a fit. The Patriots traded for him earlier this season, and it's not been great. Jackson didn't travel to the team to Germany, and it seemed to be because he was late to a bed-check one week, continuing his reputation as being an unreliable player.

The decision to bring JC Jackson back into the mix seemed like a smart one by Bill Belichick, but it's turned into a total bust of a trade. I don't think Jackson will be on the team next year, either.