3 most likely long-term QB solutions for the New England Patriots

Who are the three most likely candidates to serve as the long-term quarterback of the New England Patriots?
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1. Mac Jones

No one has a better chance to be the long-term quarterback of the New England Patriots than Mac Jones. QB1 is in perhaps the best offensive situation he's had in the NFL thus far. With a few new pass catchers and a competent offensive mind running the show in Bill O'Brien, Mac Jones has a lot going for him.

Rookie wide receiver Demario Douglas has also shown quite a bit and is making a huge case for himself to have a heavy workload on offense in the regular season. I have a few concerns though with this offense as a unit. My first concern is the tackle situation. Will the projected starting tackles of Trent Brown and Riley Reiff be able to keep Mac Jones upright?

The Patriots probably have one of the worst starting tackle situations in the NFL currently, and it's a great thing that they at least have a strong iOL. My second concern is the current lack of high-end playmakers on offense. The best offenses in the NFL have at least one at their disposal, and I don't see that player for the Patriots right now.

Perhaps it's rookie Demario Douglas. Perhaps it could be someone else. Or perhaps it's no one at the moment. I think a lack of a major playmaker can have a huge negative effect on the offense in 2023. What I think may end up happening with Mac Jones in 2023 is his play improves a bit, but his ceiling ends up being somewhat of a game manager type of role.

Jones might be a more efficient passer, but that's about it. The Patriots might have to have a serious conversation with themselves and ask if a low-ceiling passer like Mac Jones would be the QB they go forward with. I don't think that type of performance or play would be enough for the organization to be at peace with the decision.