3 MORE quarterback trades the New England Patriots should take a chance on

Could the Patriots sniff around the QB market and add to this unstable position?
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3. Go all out and trade for Kyler Murray next offseason

There's been light speculation that the Arizona Cardinals could trade Kyler Murray. The front office that drafted and extended Kyler Murray is no longer with the team. The new regime of GM Monti Ossenfort and HC Jonathan Gannon don't really have any sort of long-term commitment to Murray if they don't want it.

Moreover, Murray's contract is quite moveable if they wanted to get out of it. Right now, nothing seems to be guaranteed. I think if the Cardinals earn the #1 overall pick in 2024, they'd seriously consider resetting their QB situation and moving on from Murray. Right now, they are the only one-win team in the NFL and currently hold the #2 overall pick.

Arizona also holds the Houston Texans' first-round pick in 2024 as well. Honestly, if you're the Cardinals, potentially getting a haul back for Murray that includes another first-round pick and some change, along with the cap relief from not having his contract on the books might be too good to pass up.

They probably wants to see what they have in Murray first before making a move of this magnitude, but this is also the franchise that said "Josh Rosen is our guy," before going out and drafting Murray in the following NFL Draft. Well, is "Kyler Murray our guy?" Only time will tell.