3 MORE quarterback trades the New England Patriots should take a chance on

Could the Patriots sniff around the QB market and add to this unstable position?
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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2. Inquire about a Justin Fields trade if Chicago has top pick in 2024 NFL Draft

I think Justin Fields could be on the move if the Chicago Bears have a shot at drafting Caleb Williams in the 2024 NFL Draft. Williams has largely been viewed as a generational QB prospect with a similar makeup to Patrick Mahomes. Justin Fields is also on the shelf with a dislocated thumb, so him not being on the field isn't doing him any favors.

The Bears may also clean house at some point and bring in a new regime from top to bottom. If they do that, I don't think Fields sticks around. He has played better this year and looks to be trending up. On the season, he's thrown 11 touchdowns, six interceptions, and has gradually improved statistically since entering the league in 2021.

Fields also brings an element with his legs that makes him a more explosive player than Mac Jones. BIll O'Brien has worked with dual-threat QBs before, and if he sticks around as the offensive coordinator, Fields might have a chance in New England. Lastly, if the Bears are in that #1 overall spot and the "secret" is out that they plan on drafting Caleb Williams, they wouldn't have much leverage in trade negotiations with Fields.