3 major changes New England Patriots can make going forward

The New England Patriots need help, badly.
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Organization can use their first-round pick on a quarterback in 2024

Another obvious major change the organization can make is to use their first-round pick in 2024 to acquire a new QB to hopefully be the franchise guy. Mac Jones is not cutting it, he's not shown he can be a franchise QB in his third year in the NFL. If he's not putting it together this year, he never will.

I think Jones can find himself in that Jacoby Brissett/Andy Dalton/Gardner Minshew tier of high-quality backups, but that's it. If the New England Patriots do indeed draft a QB at the top of the 2024 NFL Draft, I do think the team could try and trade Mac Jones. I don't think Jones really wants to be with this team beyond 2023 if the team drafts his replacement, so the Pats might be able to recoup a late-round pick for the QB.

That might serve them better than Jones being a QB2 on the team in 2024. The Patriots could find a backup QB on the free agent market in 2024 to pair with a rookie QB. The team also does need better players at literally every other position on offense, so the blame does not fall all on Jones, obviously.

The team needs more explosion at wide receiver, younger tight ends, and some tackles. There are truly so many needs with this team that it'll take multiple offseasons to get everything filled, if done the right way. Now, we have seen some teams get a year ahead with their rebuilds due to hitting on young players in the draft.

The Houston Texans are 4-4 with a rookie head coach and rookie QB. They look really good, and I don't think any of us predicted them to be where they are in 2023. If the Patriots were to hit on a QB in the 2024 NFL Draft, they could have an accelerated rebuild. The team also has a ton of cap space in 2024, and money talks, so I really don't think the Patriots would have a hard time signing free agents.