3 last-minute trades the Patriots can get done before the 2023 deadline

Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos
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Trade for wide receiver Jerry Jeudy

One of the more prominent players connected to the Patriots in recent years continues to be Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. New England was rumored to be heavily involved in trade talks during the offseason when Denver chose to dangle Jeudy to receiver-needy teams to see what they would be willing to offer to acquire him.

Once new head coach Sean Payton realized they would not get the return they were hoping for, he slammed the door shut on any trade taking place for Jeudy, insisting he was part of their future plans.

But that seems to have changed already, as we now hear about Jeudy being available for trade again just a few months later. Because Belichick was so interested in trading for him earlier this year, and since then, they lost out on signing DeAndre Hopkins and just lost Kendrick Bourne for the rest of the season due to an ACL injury, maybe it's time to kick the tires about making the trade for Jeudy again.

Although he hasn't played with him since they were both at Alabama, Jeudy has a connection already with Mac Jones, as they were teammates and roommates before heading to the NFL. That could be a significant factor that piques Belichick's interest now that their most trusted receiver and go-to weapon for Jones will not return this year.

If the Broncos are really interested in moving on from the 24-year-old, there's literally no reason not to make the call and see if the price has changed since earlier this year.

They had been rumored to want a first-round pick, which may seem expensive, especially if the Patriots are unsure about their future with Jones as the QB. But it should at least be something to consider because he is a consistent player with a long career ahead of him.