3 guarantees for the New England Patriots after the 2023 NFL season

There will surely be a few things that will definitely happen with this team after the 2023 NFL season.
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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3. Mac Jones will not only not be the QB, but he won't be on the team

Mac Jones is not it, and apparently, a report from Andrew Callahan suggests that there are people within the organization who are totally out on the quarterback. This should be a surprise to no one. The Patriots don't really have anywhere to turn to improve their QB spot, so they should operate as of this season is nothing more than year to prepare for the coming rebuild.

Depending on how Mac Jones finishes the year, if he's even in the lineup, the Patriots might be able to trade him for a late-round pick. Getting something for the QB might be worth it at this point. It doesn't seem like Jones has much support in the organization, and it would probably be a bit awkward to continue the marriage between Jones and the Patriots beyond this year.

As bad as Mac Jones is, there would still certainly be some form of a market for him, especially for a team that may need a legitimate QB2 or another rebuilding team that would be fine with Jones as a one-year bridge option. Let's brace ourselves for some massive changes coming soon.