3 free agents the Patriots might regret not signing in 2023 offseason

Will the New England Patriots regret not signing these three free agents during the 2023 NFL offseason?
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Patriots might regret not signing RT Mike McGlinchey

Many thought the New England Patriots would make a splash along the offensive line in 2023. They have what might be the best offensive interior in the NFL with Cole Strange, David Andrews, and Mike Onwenu, but their tackle situation in 2022 was not great. Being that the team is likely going to run the snot out of the ball, someone who could have helped that was Mike McGlinchey, one of the best run-blocking OL in all of football.

He signed a massive five-year deal with the Denver Broncos worth over $85 million, so perhaps the large contract demands were just too much for Bill Belichick, but not only would they have solidified the right side of the offensive line, but they would have also been able to focus in more on fixing the left tackle spot.

The Patriots might regret passing on Mike McGlinchey.

3. New England might wish that they had signed Jimmy Garoppolo

OK, so this might be something that many of you reading this will disagree with. Jimmy Garoppolo was not retained by the San Francisco 49ers this offseason and the Las Vegas Raiders instantly became the favorite to sign the QB, who began his career with the Patriots. With many former Patriots executives, coaches, and players in Vegas, it was no surprise to see Garoppolo sign a three-year deal with the Raiders.

However, the Patriots might regret passing on him in free agency. Garoppolo ended up having quite the winning-career in San Francisco. As a starter for the 49ers, Jimmy G went 38-17. A big reason for that was because the Niners had a stout defense, excellent running game, and a great offensive line.

Well, one could argue that the New England Patriots' roster is constructed similarly. It isn't outrageous to suggest that Garoppolo would have performed nearly as well in San Fran in the win-loss column as he would have if he signed with the Patriots.

This could be a move that comes back to bite the team.