3 free agents over 30 the Patriots should sign 

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Michael Thomas 

Like Bakhtiari, Thomas’ recent history involves a litany of unfortunate injuries followed by negligent medical care. Unlike Bakhtiari, the former Ohio State Buckeye did play ten games last season. 

The 2019 Offensive Player of the Year suffered a high ankle sprain in Week 1 of the 2020 season. After enduring what was initially described as a small setback with the surgery he underwent, he missed the entire 2021 season. 

In an ESPN article written by Katharine Terrell Thomas suggested his body had "rejected" some of the material used during the surgery to repair both his ankle and a toe he had operated on later, in 2022. 

It wasn't just injuries that impacted his career, though; after catching passes from Drew Brees for his first five seasons, Thomas was unimpressed with Derek Carr serving up in 2023. Brees might not be walking into the Patriots quarterback room this year, but Jacoby Brissett won’t be getting any receivers injured.  

Even with perennial underperformer Carr putting him in harm's way, Thomas still averaged 11.5 yards per reception in 2023. Only Jalen Reagor and DeVante Parker had better averages than that for the Patriots last season. 

Thomas didn’t drop a single pass in 2023; Reagor and Parker combined to drop five! The Patriots only have one receiver taller than 6-foot-2, and that’s undrafted free agent Beau Corrales, who is by no means guaranteed to make the 53-man roster. 

Thomas would provide some height and extra experience to a receiving corps with seven members under the age of 25!