3 free agent do-overs for Patriots from 2024

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After the disastrous 2023 season for the Patriots, it was good to know they were heading into free agency with one of the highest cap space amounts in the entire league. The roster sorely needed to be upgraded, especially on offense, but there wasn't much optimism it would happen under the tutelage of Bill Belichick.

The longtime head coach and general manager was known for not dishing out big contracts or lots of money to any player, not even Tom Brady, so despite New England's plethora of cap to use, it seemed like a distant dream for it to be used in the way many hoped.

That feeling changed when Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf were hired to replace Belichick. They quickly promised to prioritize improving the roster by "burning some cash" in free agency.

Unfortunately, the signings made were limited and didn't live up to the hype despite many being deemed solid additions. Because of that, it's easy to envision how it all could have been done differently had it gone in their favor.

3 free agent do-overs for Patriots from 2024

WR Calvin Ridley

Likely the most obvious do-over of them all this offseason would be enticing Calvin Ridley to sign with the team instead of the Titans. His decision reportedly came down to the Patriots and the team he eventually signed with. However, a family connection and Tennessee's lack of state taxes were too good to pass up for the Ridleys.

The silver lining to the situation was Eliot Wolf's impressive offer to the receiver, which was not something Belichick would likely had done. Just one million dollars separated the two teams, but New England couldn't match the other factors that swayed the receiver to stay in the AFC South.

In a do-over situation, it would be great to see Ridley suit up with the Patriots in 2024. He would be an instant WR1, which the Patriots don't currently have, and could have been the game-changing addition to the offense to turn the roster around.

The receiving corps has been and continues to be the most questionable part of the team, even with the arrivals of Javon Baker and Ja'Lynn Polk in the draft and K.J. Osborn in free agency. None are expected to be the leading receiver that the team needs, so Ridley being in the lineup would have made a significant difference.