3 former Patriots who are still surprisingly free agents

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CB J.C. Jackson

It might not be surprising to some, but J.C. Jackson still looking for a team to play for in 2024 is wild to think about when you reflect on where he was in his career just two years ago.

He was the most highly sought after free agent cornerback of that class, with the Patriots looking like fools being unable to extend him with a long term contract. Jackson ultimately signed a monster deal with the Chargers, only to have a tumultuous tenure there before being traded back to the Patriots last season.

Expectations were high for his return, despite the struggles he showed in Los Angeles and unfortunately, he never looked like the player who once ruled New England's secondary.

His 2023 return didn't go as planned, and he ultimately ended the year on the sidelines. Reports have suggested that the Patriots are interested in bringing Jackson back this year, but there hasn't been any update regarding their plans to do so.

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