3 forgotten Patriots who signed with new teams for 2024

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The Patriots had a long list of players heading to free agency this offseason, many of whom were integral to their team's biggest successes over the last few seasons. Fortunately, Eliot Wolf has prioritized re-signing the most important thus far, but there were a few under-the-radar players who would've been solid re-signings but instead will be playing elsewhere this season.

For the most part, players who leave a team in free agency are only discussed in a disappointing way if they are a big name who unexpectedly signed with a new team when it was assumed they would return.

Otherwise, there are plenty of names that become forgotten former roster members who fans might not even realize are no longer with the team and are continuing their careers elsewhere.

3 forgotten Patriots who signed with new teams for 2024

LB Mack Wilson - signed 3-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals

When the Patriots traded Chase Winovich to the Browns and received linebacker Mack Wilson in return, it felt like a good decision despite the lack of excitement regarding Wilson's arrival.

Winovich never seemed to become the player Bill Belichick hoped for when he drafted him in the third round of the 2019 Draft, so it was time to move on from the former Wolverine.

Although Wilson didn't seem like too much of an upgrade at the time, Winovich's eventual retirement announcement made the trade even better. On top of that, after looking like an easy roster cut during his first season in New England, Wilson became a big part of the Patriots' special teams and had some stand-out moments on defense, as well.

His 2023 season was his best yet, which earned him a nice new contract from the Cardinals this offseason. Wilson was a player who would have been nice to re-sign with the Patriots, given his versatility and rise with the team, but he chose to go to a team with more starting potential, which is a better situation for his future.