3 dream scenarios for the Patriots in 2024

Sometimes, as in 2001, things work out great
Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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The New England Patriots don't look like a very good squad on paper. The defense is solid and could be terrific if Matt Judon and Christian Gonzalez are 100 percent fit. But the offense ... has more questions than a season on Jeopardy.

Nevertheless, we can dream, can't we? Indeed. And here we'll do just that. We'll contrive a dream scenario in which three magic things happen, and the Patriots are transformed overnight into a winning team—and maybe much more.

A lot must go right to realize that result after an offseason that barely rated a B- here, and that is only because the team drafted quarterback Drake Maye. He alone provides the top dream for the 2024 season if he starts from the outset.

Here, we try to concoct a dream scenario in which the Patriots send themselves "Back to the Future," as in 2001. Then, coming off a dismal 2000 season and looking lost at the beginning of 2001, a young quarterback named Tom Brady took the helm due to an injury.

His insertion into the quarterback position changed everything, and a dynasty emerged. The rest, as they say, is history as Brady began a 20-year run of excellence, unprecedented in NFL history. So, as the architect of that fulfilled dream, TB12 would say, "Let's Go!" and see how we can dream the 2024 Patriots into the start of their next great run of excellence.

The first Dream scenario is the emergence of a great young quarterback

Tom Brady isn't walking through that door. (This is an apt aphorism in light of the terrific Boston Celtics' run toward hopefully an 18th Championship this year.) Nevertheless, who says lightning can't strike twice in the same place? (Actually, since the 2001 Patriots played in the old Foxborough Stadium, it doesn't have to!)

What it took then and will now is a transformative quarterback to diminish crushing mistakes, make key throws, run well, and get wins, statistics notwithstanding. Brady in 2001 was not the slinger of 2007. It didn't matter. He and the coaches knew what was required and got the job done. The same may happen this season with Drake Maye. That's the first dream scenario.

The 2024 Patriots will need all the attributes Maye possesses to win. He has a cannon of an arm and can make any NFL throw. He also can improvise, throw on the run, and make good things happen from bad situations. He'll need to, without any left tackle whatsoever on the roster. Additionally, he can run; whether for his proverbial life or in scripted plays, Maye can tote the rock.

The Patriots could have a top-five or better NFL defense. This means that even a decent offense could propel them into a winning season or a playoff run, as Mac Jones did in 2021. Drake Maye will hopefully replicate or better that achievement. But he can't do it from the bench. The Patriots invested heavily in the young man, so play him and see if he can get the job done.