3 disastrous scenarios for the New England Patriots in the 2023 season

-Uncertainty at QB?

-Team bottoms out?

-Rebuild on the horizon?

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3 disastrous scenarios for the New England Patriots in the 2023 season

2. Patriots end up being sellers at the trade deadline

This would hurt to see as it would mean that some veteran players would likely be shipped off to a new team. The Patriots have their bye week after playing 10 games, so they'll have more than half the 2023 season done before their break.

Well, 10 games might be enough for them to figure out if they are truly going to contend this coming season in the AFC. What if the team already has six losses at the bye week? I don't think the Pats are buyers unless they are at six or seven wins, and I don't envision that happening.

If they are .500 or worse, they might be best suited trading veteran players like Matt Judon, David Andrews, and others. It would hurt to see some core players no longer on the team, but they'd be lying to themselves if they think they could squeeze into the playoffs if they are worse than .500.

Bill Belichick's seat would likely set up to the highest setting, but I guess a "good" thing that could come from them being sellers at the deadline and Belichick's seat being flaming hot is that it's very unlikely he'd get fired during the season.

If the Pats want to part with Belichick, they'd surely give him a full season. But just think about this for a second: Belichick is the GM and has roster authority. How awkward would it be for him to sell at the trade deadline? He's basically admitting that the team he built and coaches isn't good enough to win in 2023.

And he'd also be indirectly admitting that he likely doesn't survive as the head coach of the New England Patriots past the 2023 season. It would be a whole mess to see the Pats sell at the deadline, but it would be something that could be needed for the best interest of the team.