3 difficult decisions New England Patriots may face in 2024 offseason

-Who makes the roster decisions next year?

-What does the team do with their first-round pick?

-What about the QB situation?

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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2. Do the Patriots move off of Bill Belichick? And how?

This is perhaps the single biggest decision that Robert Kraft is going to have to make this offseason and for the rest of his tenure as the team's owner. Will Bill Belichick stay in his same roles as the general manager and head coach? Would Belichick take a "promotion" to a front office role? Maybe.

What about a scenario where Bill Belichick remains as the head coach but has to report to a general manager? To me, there are three distinct possibilities here that I just lightly mentioned. The first one is keeping Belichick where he is as the GM and HC of the team. This would be a mistake. The second decision would be to keep Belichick as the head coach, but bring in a GM that he reports to.

The third and final scenario that I can see happening is Belichick being removed as the GM and HC and taking a cushy front office role with the team as some sort of advisor. If something other than these scenarios happen, I'd be absolutely shocked. I think if you're a betting person, the most likely scenario is a "mutual parting of ways" at the end of the season with a farewell press confernce.

That's probably how Robert Kraft wants to end things; as classy as possible.