3 bold predictions for New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills Week 17

The 4-11 Patriots travel to Buffalo to take on the 9-6 Bills in Week 17.
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No. 3 - Who wins and how

The New England Patriots are playing for pride right now, plus trying to earn future jobs with the Patriots or another team. It is honorable that New England has won two of three games because fans watching a team just show up and try not to get hurt on their way to losing by two or three touchdowns is no fun.

Many fanbases might not show up to pull for their team and spend lots of money on concessions and so on (heck, Miami Dolphins fans don't do that even when the team is good), but Pats fans are different, and they deserve a team that plays hard until the bitter end. The 2023 Patriots are doing just that. But for the future of the franchise, it would be better if the Patriots lost so that their first-round draft pick is higher. Bailey Zappe has been a bit of a positive surprise, but he is not the long-term starter at quarterback; New England should draft that player in 2024.

But we aren't to 2024 quite yet and the Patriots still have two games left and they are going to continue to play hard even when the games are not always pretty to watch. Week 17 is going to be no different as New England will struggle to move the ball, but one of the interceptions they get off Josh Allen is going to be a pick-six. Another one of the forced turnovers is going to set the Patriots up deep in Buffalo territory. New England is going to go to Buffalo and steal the game 17-14.

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