3 biggest winners and 3 losers from Patriots first wave of free agency

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Christian Barmore

He might not have participated in the free agency frenzy this year, even though he will next year unless he receives an extension before then, but Christian Barmore is by far one of the biggest winners from the first wave of signings.

As one of the rising stars of the Patriots' defense, talks of keeping him around have been debated over the last two years. Barmore has yet to receive an extension, and signs indicate that will happen in the future, but it seems he has lucked out by not having signed on the dotted line.

And why is that you may ask?

Well, several big-name defensive tackles received hefty new contracts this year, which is good news for Barmore's future.

From Chris Jones signing a 5-year, $158.75 million extension that gives him $31.75 million a year with the Chiefs and Christian Wilkins signing a 4-year, $110 million deal with the Raiders for $27.5 million a year to Justin Madbuike sticking with the Ravens on a 4-year, $98 million contract for $24.5 million a season; it all means Barmore is set to get a Brinks truck backed up to this house by the time he receives a new contract.

It's not great news for the Patriots, who presumably want to keep him on the team for the long term. But their hesitancy to give him an extension means they'll have to reap what they sow and pay him big bucks when they do make an offer.

There can't be winners without losers, right? The following are three players who didn't exactly win after the first wave of free agency.