2 new teams are reportedly interested in hiring Bill Belichick

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots / Alex Grimm/GettyImages

Bill Belichick's future in New England is still in flux, with some answers regarding what the future may look like coming as soon as next week, as the head coach is set to have his end-of-the-season meeting with Robert Kraft on Monday. Although determining what's to come isn't expected to be announced then, it may provide insight into Kraft's thinking when planning for the 2024 season.

But because most believe Belichick will be available, whether to hire outright or trade for, there has been a lot of chatter about what teams may be interested in meeting with him. Until now, it's all been speculation, and even though it remains that way, some reporters claim sources have provided information that backs up said rumors.

The latest comes from Diana Russini from The Athletic, who has been a consistent figure in the Belichick talk this season. She revealed two new teams are interested in meeting with the 8-time Super Bowl Champion coach, one of which is yet to even fire their current head coach.

One of those teams is the Las Vegas Raiders, which comes as a bit of a shock considering they fired Belichick's protégé, Josh McDaniels, earlier in the season. It's also noteworthy since the Raiders locker room has appeared to take a liking to interim coach Antonio Pierce, who many assume will be a contender for the job in the offseason.

The other team is the Washington Commanders, who have been mentioned as a possibility without any concrete connection to the team. But according to Russini, they, too, have expressed interest in setting up a meeting with Belichick if he becomes available.

And apparently, there are even more teams watching what's going on in New England, as some are reportedly "in the shadows" and will be paying extra close attention to how the Patriots fare in Week 18. We already know one of them could be the Chargers, who fired Brandon Staley a few weeks ago.

A lot is riding on how the meeting between Belichick and Kraft goes on Monday, and fortunately for both, it appears there are suitors for the head coach no matter what direction they go in.

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