10 realistic free agents the Patriots could sign in 2024

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5. Chase Young

If the intention is to maintain a top defense in the league, the Patriots need to add some young talent around the studs they have on the roster already.

They could add a guy like Chase Young, who had been previously connected to the team when the Commanders were looking to trade him. And now that he's heading to free agency, they could get a deal done.

The former Defensive Rookie of the Year has all the tools to be a force on the field, and pairing him with Matthew Judon could be a sight to behold. The Patriots sack leader needs a lot of help rusher the pass since he mostly does it himself, and Young could become a great #2 to play alongside him.

6. Tony Pollard

With just Rhamondre Stevenson and unproven talents signed to the roster next season, there is a big need to add another running back to the offense. The plan last year was to have Ezekiel Elliott be the guy to play alongside Stevenson, and although that went pretty well, it may be time to invest in a younger player instead.

So why not go for the guy who replaced Elliott in Dallas?

Tony Pollard has broken out over the last few seasons and is a productive half-back who would be a perfect addition to the Patriots' backfield. He recorded back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons and over 300 receiving yards as well.

Since the offense has historically loved to utilize the type of player Pollard is, there's no reason not to pursue him in free agency to build an explosive backfield as they hope to rebuild the offense.

7. Mike Onwenu

Maybe it's not super exciting to say a player from the team is a realistic signing this year, but Mike Onwenu has played a pivotal role on the offensive line since he was drafted, and it would be a gigantic mistake to let him leave Foxboro any time soon.

Retaining the right tackle should be treated with the utmost importance, as he has been the best lineman on the team by far. The unit has already been problematic over the last two seasons in particular, and the other free agents at the position are not all that exciting.

Onwenu is easily the best of the class, and it's already reported that several teams have him high on their list of targets to pursue this offseason. Allowing that to happen would be a terrible way to kick off the 2024 season, so the Patriots should do all they can to keep him for as long as possible.