10 realistic free agents the Patriots could sign in 2024

Carolina Panthers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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2. Dalton Schultz

Maybe the Mike Gesicki experiment didn't work out as planned, but that shouldn't stop the Patriots from pursuing another tight end this season and how could you pass up the chance to sign Dalton Schultz?

With Gesicki heading to free agency along with Pharaoh Brown and Hunter Henry, there is not a single tight end signed to the Patriots roster for the 2024 season. They could prioritize the position in the draft, but signing a veteran would be ideal, and a guy like Schultz fits the bill perfectly.

His last three seasons between the Cowboys and the Texans have been the best of his career, averaging over 600 yards and six touchdowns per year. Pairing him with a guy like Henry, who they should also re-sign, would be the tight end duo they've been hoping to put together for years.

3. Stephon Gilmore

Why not bring back an old flame that has since become the one that got away?

Stephon Gilmore's tenure with the Patriots ended awkwardly and confusingly, seemingly coming down to a contract dispute that resulted in him being traded mid-season. Since then, he has bounced around the league, last playing for the Cowboys in 2023.

Because New England will be on the hunt for cornerbacks in free agency and Gilmore is still playing at a high level, it seems like a win/win situation. Not to mention, it was reported Belichick inquired about trading for him last offseason but was ultimately outbid by Dallas.

Now that he's a free agent, the time is right to bring back the former Defensive Player of the Year and really put the secondary over the top.

4. Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley is one of the more under-the-radar receivers that should be on the Patriots radar. He was reportedly a player of interest in 2022 before he was suspended for the entire season, but clearly, that interest didn't go very far because of that.

The Jaguars still traded for him while he was suspended, and when he returned for the 2023 season, he quickly became Trevor Lawrence's go-to guy and recorded a 1,000-yard, eight-touchdown performance.

Despite being away for an entire season, he hasn't missed a step and because he's a free agent now, the Patriots could finally make a move and hopefully sign him for the 2024 season. He would quickly become the team's best receiver and instill some fear in opponents who believe the Patriot's offense has become laughable over the last few years.