3 positions the Patriots could target in first round of NFL Draft

The New England Patriots are strapped with $50 million in cap space and the 14th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. What are some positions to target?  Being just out of the playoffs, having cap space, and a first round draft pick within the top 15 is all good news for the Patriots.

Sure, the season did not end the way we had hoped, but there is still promise.  The team is working through who to hire as the new offensive coordinator, and after that, the attention will turn to free agency, where New England has the financials to spend heavy in this period again.

They also have the 14th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, which is high enough to land a blue-chip prospect.  The team does have some needs on both sides of the ball, but moreso offense.

What are three positions the team could target in the first round?

3 positions the Patriots could target in first round of NFL Draft


This might be the most obvious choice.  Trent Brown and Isaiah Wynn switching positions proved to be an awful idea that will likely end in the team investing in the tackle position this offseason.  I think the best route forward is to move Trent Brown back to the right side and look to fill the left tackle need in free agency or the NFL Draft.

Mac Jones did face a ton of pressure this season and that is something that simply cannot happen going forward.  Fortunately, the Patriots seem to be a team that is able to figure out the offensive line, so I have no doubts that this unit can bounce back next year.

Wide receiver

The team needs a difference maker at wide receiver, and if they don’t acquire one in free agency, they’ll turn to the NFL Draft, which could be the better long-term option.  The team does not draft wide receivers well, but they should still continue to take shots at them in the draft until they land one.

If you’re not good at something, you don’t completely stop doing it, right?  You keep practicing until you get better, and that’s the approach the team should take here.  Re-signing Jakobi Meyers should also be a top priority for the team as well.


Don’t come at me all at once.  If the Patriots are able to target a quarterback in the NFL Draft that has a ton of upside, they should take their chance.  What if Anthony Richardson is available with the 14th overall pick?

What if the team does indeed fall in love with a quarterback that they think can be an upgrade over Mac Jones?  I’m just saying.  The quarterback class this year is quite a bit better than it was last year, so it might be time to strike while the iron is hot.

This would certainly create an unhappy Mac Jones, but the Patriots need to win more football games.