Patriots HC Bill Belichick attempts to recruit veteran All-Pro WR

The New England Patriots continue to grind it out this season and find ways to win games. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t glaring issues within the Patriots’ offense. Second-year QB Mac Jones appears to be struggling far more than most expected. Now, many believe the struggles stem from the lack of experience of our play-caller Matt Patricia, however, many also think the lack of talent to throw to is playing a factor in Jones’s digression.

A potential fix or solution to the offensive issues can be veteran acquiring All-Pro WR DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins has a potential out in his contract that could be used after this season. But he also has a clause that will allow him to void the 2024 year in his deal if he hits one of the following milestones from 2020 through the end of the 2023 season: 400 receptions. 5,000 receiving yards, according to Boardroom.

Will DeAndre Hopkins be a good fit for the New England Patriots?

Hopkins would be an ideal fit because not only is he amongst the elite WRs in the NFL but he respects the organization to the highest degree. On Monday night the Arizona Cardinals took on the Patriots, with Hopkins mic’d up for the game. The receiver met up with Patriots HC Bill Belichick moments before the game and they shared kind words for one another. There clearly is mutual respect there, and it appears they admire each other’s careers and bodies of work.

In the past, Belichick attempted to inquire about Hopkins in a trade in the final year of his rookie contract, reported Adam Wells for Bleacher Report. Due to the complications of QBs in Houston, Hopkins’s production began to dwindle. However, he finished with 78 catches for 954 yards and four touchdowns. Yet, he was coming off a 2,731 yards and 17-touchdown season the year prior.

This isn’t far-fetched to believe Hopkins is looking for more stability within the QB position as he begins to get older. Jones is set to be the Patriots’ franchise QB. However, this year may have set him back for the future; only time will tell. Naturally, Hopkins is looking to compete possibly for a chance at a Super Bowl title. Therefore, that may persuade him to join forces with the arguably greatest coach of all time and the New England Patriots.