Veteran Patriots’ receiver is content with an odd career statistic

Oddly, football rosters are often filled with subtle lies all throughout the team. Several teams may list a coach with a particular “role” that may not necessarily be accurate with his team role. Often, these rosters list players larger and taller than they actually are. For example,  former New England Patriots RB Danny Woodhead was often listed at five foot nine, however, his true size was much closer to five foot seven, according to Andy Benoit for the New York Times.

Another example is a veteran gunner and “wide receiver” Matthew Slater, the 10-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro selection as a special teamer. Currently, he’s on his 15th season of being recorded as a “WR,” which is a blatant lie.

While being a 15th-year pro in the NFL, Slater has recorded one catch. In 2011, the New England Patriots suited up against the Miami Dolphins where Slater received a 46-yard catch from Tom Brady. To this day, this is his one and only catch for his career. In fact, the last time he saw a pass, Mac Jones, was 13 years old.

Will Matthew Slater receive another catch for the New England Patriots?

The 37-year-old was drafted in the fifth round from UCLA in 2008. Slater proved to be the swiss army knife for the Bruins, he returned kicks, played special teams, played defensive back, and occasionally lined up at WR. However, he also finished his college season without a reception. Yet, he was oddly labeled as a WR once he got to New England.

From 2008 until now, still remaining with one reception seems almost impossible. Many believe before he retires the Patriots will attempt to get him at least one more reception, however, this may prove to be tougher than many think.

When asked about the receptions of Slater to the WR coach and former Patriot WR Troy Brown, he responded:

“Anything’s possible, man. Anything’s possible,” Brown said.

In spite of many wanting to see Slater receive another catch before he retires, Slater appears to not want to catch another ball. Veteran DB Devin McCourty explains that he’s content with his role and is not looking to expand that going forward.

“You can ask him. But I don’t think he has any interest and playing offense other than being out there in a victory formation,” McCourty added. “I think he’s found a home in what he does for a living now.”

Naturally, Slater was asked by reporters about securing another catch prior to his retirement, and he responded:

“I think that campaign has died long ago,” Slater said. “It’s kind of funny to think about. You know, my career has been so very unique. When I hear stuff like that, it just makes me thankful that I’ve been able to have this experience and be a receiver without being a receiver.”

Has Matthew Slater ever scored a touchdown?

Sadly, while Slater seems to have given up on that dream of scoring on the offensive side of the ball or even receiving another catch, this doesn’t mean his entire career has been boring. In fact, he scored his first NFL touchdown in 2019 off a blocked punt!

All in all, he admits they tried to get him involved in the offense years ago, however, it’s never seemed to truly work, but slater has found immense happiness in his career and left his mark and legacy without catching a touchdown while playing “WR.”