PREDICTION: New England Patriots redemption tour begins now!

It’s no secret that the New England Patriots have gotten off to a rough start to the season. However, the last two times the Patriots started off 1-3, they made the playoffs (2021) and won the Super Bowl (2001), according to CBS Sports.

There a numerous reasons why the team has started slow this year, however, none really matter because it’s the past. Contrary to belief, the Patriots’ season is far from over. In fact, the next seven weeks for the Patriots can be pivotal and help turn the entirety of the season around.

What do the next seven weeks look like for the Patriots?

There’s a possibility that the Patriots can rattle off seven wins against sub-par to mediocre teams to help put them back on track. This upcoming week, the Patriots look to take on the Detroit Lions. Naturally, due to Detroit’s history, many believe this should be a breeze, even with the third-string rookie QB Bailey Zappe.

However, this won’t be the case, due to the fact they’ve played everyone closely similar to the Pats and just haven’t finished games. The following week, New England will face the Cleveland Browns who still don’t have Star QB Deshaun Watson due to a suspension, ultimately increasing their chances significantly to win that game on the road.

Later, the Pats play the New York Jets twice, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, and Minnesota Vikings. These are all winnable games and not huge threats to the Patriots’ season based on the four weeks played this season.

There’s a chance we may not have second-year QB Mac Jones until the middle of this run or possibly after. However, with the defense playing as strong as they are ranking eighth overall, according to, they will have a shot to win these games if they can maintain the turnovers to a minimum and get key stops on defense throughout this seven-week stretch.

The Patriots will become 8-4 if they manage to win these next seven games, ultimately, making them playoff contenders going forward.

In head coach Bill Belichick we trust!