Ravens’ LB Patrick Queen attempts to expose Patriots’ QB Mac Jones

Baltimore Ravens beef continues with Patriots QB Mac Jones
Baltimore Ravens beef continues with Patriots QB Mac Jones /

This past week, the New England Patriots suffered a devastating loss to the Baltimore Ravens, 37-26. As many would expect, things got chippy on and off the field, especially with the rivalry between these two. Prior to Patriots QB Mac Jones’ injury, there were clear words exchanged between Jones and several of the Ravens defenders.

In particular, Baltimore Ravens LB Patrick Queen and Jones had words exchanged at the goal line after a crazy turn of events. Jones nearly threw a pick-six, however, Queen dropped it. Shortly after, the Patriots score on a running back draw to Damien Harris; the rest is history.

Ravens Patrick Queens exposes Patriots Mac Jones

While it’s normal for opposing players to “talk trash” to one another, there are still lines just understood not to cross. Queen accuses Jones of crossing those lines via Twitter.

"“Shoulda heard what he told me…”"

Whatever was spoken between the two gentlemen must of really upset Queen, as this confrontation almost became physical near the endzone. To Jones’s defense, the Pats were trailing 14-13 and this game was an extremely hard-fought battle. With that being said,  scoring the touchdown to take the lead may have gotten Jones a bit too excited and he may bit off more than he can chew.

One also must take into account these two are also SEC rivals, so the feud may begin from college days. The LSU product severely struggled against the Alabama powerhouse during his tenure with the Tigers. Queen’s record against Alabama is 1-2, according to Sports Reference.com. Meaning, the majority of battles with Jones, he’s lost the majority and this can raise tensions slightly.

Patriots Injury Report

Sadly, the Patriots’ defense continues to grow thin and thin with injuries. The injuries only set the Patriots back even further, due to the fact the Pats rely on the defense to carry them at the moment. While the offense is struggling and continues to improve week by week the defense is expected to be the anchor of this team.