Bleacher Report thinks Patriots should cut WR Nelson Agholor

Bleacher Report released an article recently on players each team should cut. They believe the New England Patriots should cut Nelson Agholor.

On Wednesday, Bleacher Report released an article on one player that each NFL team should cut.  For the New England Patriots, they picked wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

Agholor’s first season in New England after signing a $22 million contract was a bit of a let down, and the drafting of Tyquan Thornton and him impressing in the offseason thus far has left Agholor out to dry.

I do think the writing is on the wall for the Patriots to move on from Agholor, but cutting him is something the team needs to avoid if at all possible.

Nelson Agholor doesn’t have a huge contract, but it’s certainly noticeable on the books.

His cap number for 2022 is nearly $15 million, after it was about $7 million in year one.

A $15 million cap hit for what appears to be a WR3/4 receiver is simply not going to happen in today’s NFL.

Contractually, it makes absolutely no sense to cut Agholor.

If they were to cut him now, they would incur $10 million in dead money.  That’s a significant amount for a receiver who is being pushed down the depth chart.

Their cap savings is roughly $4.8 million, so it’s a good bit of change that would give the Patriots some breathing room to operate during the season.

Now, if the team were able to trade Agholor, they would incur just $5 million in dead money and save nearly $10 million against the cap.

Obviously, this is a much more ideal scenario.

I do think there are some suitors for Agholor.  The Chicago Bears would be a fit for Agholor, as they simply do not have enough quality pass catchers on the roster to evaluate Justin Fields.

Agholor isn’t a WR1, but him and Darnell Mooney could make, at the very least, a serviceable duo.

Another spot where the Patriots might be able to trade him is to the Houston Texans, who are in a similar boat.  The Texans are trying to evaluate Davis Mills, and Agholor forming a duo with Brandin Cooks could be a positive.

Hopefully, the Patriots won’t have to cut him.