Matt Judon tries long-shot wallet scheme to bring Stephon Gilmore to Patriots

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - JANUARY 09: Matt Judon #9 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - JANUARY 09: Matt Judon #9 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Despite the best efforts of Matt Judon, the New England Patriots have not had the most active offseason. Losing players like Stephon Gilmore and JC Jackson in the secondary effectively cancels out additions like DeVante Parker and whatever is left of Malcolm Butler. 

Gilmore remains one of the biggest names that is still available on the free agent market. The fact that he was named to the Pro Bowl despite playing just eight games on a bad Carolina Panthers team shows that he remains a top player at his position in spite of New England’s reluctance to pay him.

While he didn’t leave the Patriots on the best of terms last season, that hasn’t stopped Judon from shooting his shot and trying everything in his power to get Gilmore back on the Patriots. He’s even willing to resort to some extreme measures.

After Gilmore posted about losing his wallet on Twitter (and endured a pretty funny dig from Patriots teammate Jonathan Jones), Judon said that he stole the wallet and put it in Gilmore’s old Patriots locker. We’ve certainly seen less creative ways of trying to convince a player to sign.

Matt Judon wants Stephon Gilmore on the New England Patriots.

While the Patriots will likely use their top draft selection on a new cornerback that could replace Gilmore and Jackson, there’s nothing quite like an established veteran presence like this starting on the outside. Getting Gilmore back at a somewhat economical price would be a dream scenario.

As it stands right now, Jalen Mills and Terrance Mitchell would be the starting cornerbacks with names like Butler and Joejuan Willaims backing them up. If this is what it takes to bring him back (and keep him away from rivals like Buffalo), props to Judon for doing his best.

Gilmore didn’t seem too amused with the whole charade, as a “y’all funny” in reply doesn’t seem like a response from someone seriously considering a New England reunion. Even if that might be the case, we can’t knock Judon for trying to get creative and bring him back.

With Jackson in Los Angeles, Judon knows that someone of Gilmore’s caliber needs to come in and make sure that the secondary doesn’t have too cavernous of a drop-off. The wallet trick might not work, so Judon needs to step up his recruiting game to reel in this fish and somehow convince Gilmore to return to Foxborough.