Julian Edelman uses Will Smith-Chris Rock meme for Tom Brady joke

America got jolted upright late Sunday night when, during an otherwise stale Oscars broadcast, soon-to-be-crowned Best Actor Will Smith reacted poorly to a joke about his wife Jada’s alopecia, marched to the stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock hard across the face. Bearing the burden of great responsibility, Patriots icon Julian Edelman then snapped into action and joined the requisite meme parade.

OK, the next morning. But still.

With endless real world situations to apply this instantaneously electric meme format to, Edelman chose to focus his energy on his partner in crime Tom Brady, who recently tried retirement out for a month before deciding it wasn’t for him.

Brady waffled a bit during the playoffs while the media decided his fate for him, then ducked out of the spotlight for only a few weeks (while possibly plotting a move to Miami? Still unclear, but … probably?) before hopping back into it after realizing he never lost that competitive fire.

Or, in Edelman’s words, he smacked retirement across the face.

Julian Edelman had Tom Brady vibes from Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars

So … Jules … are you next? We all saw you working out with TB12 in that possibly-a-throwback clip that was floated last week. We’re not saying, we’re just saying.

Though the meme work was typical Edelman, it’s surprising to see an image associated with airing out family business in public tied to the Patriots. In other words, this works on the surface, but not if you dive deeper.

If Brady — or ANYONE else — had ever tried something 1/8000th as brazen, the Pats would’ve disavowed that player before they even got back to the sidelines. That player would absolutely not have received a “Best Patriot” award mere minutes later.

Although … Malcolm Butler is officially back after his mysterious Super Bowl benching, so maybe time heals all wounds. Even in Bill Belichick’s Foxborough.