Is Matthew Judon the best Patriots recruiter ever?

“That man” Matthew Judon hasn’t stopped trying to recruit key players to join the New England Patriots organization for even one second since we spoke last. The linebacker hasn’t taken his foot off the gas (or fingers off the keyboard) since free agency began.

The star edge rusher has continued to tweet at free agents, persuading them to come work in Foxboro. Notable players he has reached out to so far include Allen Robinson, Bobby Wagner, former Patriots linebacker Chandler Jones, and Casey Hayward, to name a few.

Judon has had little to no responses – until his latest bout of work. In an attempt to secure Odell Beckham Jr., he encountered a friendly exchange with the Super Bowl LVI champ.

Patriots star Matthew Judon is getting responses to his recruiting.

To keep the ball rolling, Judon also reached out to former Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon. This did elicit a response, but to no avail. 

Despite all of the “no’s,” the man with the red sleeves is staying persistent.

The new Patriots “recruiting coordinator” fired away more tweets at targets like Jarvis Landry, Tyreek Hill, and Julio Jones.

One small victory of a free agent signing that Judon is trying to play a part in was the signing of Super Bowl XLIX hero, Malcolm Butler.

Butler was formerly a cornerback for the Patriots from 2014-2017. During his run in New England, he made the famous goal-line interception during the Seahawks vs. Patriots Super Bowl, earning New England their fourth championship title. Butler’s release from the team back in 2017 left fans surprised, but his return serves as a trip down memory lane with a hunger for more.

Judon has yet to score a free agent signing for the Patriots. However, the old saying goes, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Catch Matthew Judon on Twitter putting in work for his team. It may land the Pats a decent pickup, but if not, it will keep you entertained.