Foolish Bills fans troll Patriots with Gillette Stadium billboard again

The New England Patriots‘ lead in the AFC East is down to just one game following their Saturday night loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Now, they have everything to play for against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.

In most seasons, the Patriots playing at Gillette Stadium would typically spell bad news for an upcoming opponent. However, Bill Belichick’s group is a lousy 3-4 at home compared to an impossible 6-1 on the road this year.

So, what could possibly change New England’s fortunes at home? How about giving the team a little extra motivation?

This time, a fiery Belichick pregame speech won’t be needed, because Bills Mafia went right ahead and had a billboard posted near Gillette Stadium. They did the same thing last year. But this one’s much closer to Gillette.

Bills fans trolled the Patriots by hanging a billboard less than a mile from Gillette Stadium.

Will they ever learn?

If you’re wondering how Bills fans were able to pull this off, well, they won FOX Sports’ contest as the league’s top fan base for the second year in a row. The reward? FOX paying to hang a billboard within the vicinity of another squad’s stadium.

Predictably enough, Bills Mafia elected the poster to be placed within walking distance of Gillette Stadium. It’s almost like they’ve forgotten that Buffalo hasn’t won consecutive AFC East crowns since 1990-1991. Oops!

Watching viral videos of Bills fans jumping through tables is entertaining and all, but this arrogance is reminiscent of Philadelphia-based fans, who are widely recognized as the most insufferable fans in sports.

Yes, the billboard “worked” last year — Buffalo rolled to a 38-9 victory — but last year’s Patriots’ roster paled in comparison to this year’s group.

To do this less than a month after New England walked into Orchard Park and beat Buffalo despite attempting just three passes is just sad. It’s like Bills fans really had one year of sovereignty in the division and just decided they were the new big brother. That’s not how this works.

If you want to talk dominance, come back to us when you rattle off 17 AFC East titles within a 20-year span. One division crown since 1995 means nothing.

But sure, go ahead and give the greatest coach in NFL history literal bulletin-board material before the biggest game of the year. Enjoy this while you can, Bills Mafia, because if we’ve learned anything about the Patriots over the last two decades, it’s that they make teams regret stunts like this.