Julian Edelman narrating Gronk-Brady conversation on MNF was priceless

Julian Edelman #11 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)
Julian Edelman #11 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images) /

We regret to inform you that the rest of America now loves Julian Edelman as much as your average New England Patriots fan does, and he’s on the verge of becoming National Property.

Now that the secret is out and the whole world knows Edelman is lovable, due to his inspired work on “Inside the NFL” and his recent ManningCast cameo, the least we can do is enjoy his art.

When Peyton and Eli Manning were hit with another wretched Monday Night Football game between the Bucs and the hapless Giants (can we just move the Manning brothers to Sunday, already?), it was up to Edelman to save them this week.

As always, he delivered, auditioning for a larger role in the NFL’s media empire in the seasons to come.

Edelman’s finest moment came when he caught his ex-QB Tom Brady having a conversation with the behemoth who helped him win three Super Bowls by lumbering down the field, Rob Gronkowski.

Ever wanted to know what these two talk about during games, especially on the sidelines in the fourth quarter of yet another blowout? Edelman’s got you covered. His Brady impression needs some work, but he’s got his Gronk Grunt down to a science.

Ex-Patriots star Julian Edelman narrated Tom Brady and Gronk on MNF.

Now, of course, it’s possible that Brady and Gronk were actually trashing the utterly useless Giants while begging for a real challenge, and Edelman was just trying to be nice. But the Mannings did a thorough enough job running through that team’s predictable play calls during quarters one through three, leaving Edelman free to take a different interpretation.

During Edelman’s 12 seasons with the Patriots, he was typically the third most important piece on offense behind the two men who were still out there on Monday night being showcased. He’s already distinguished himself more than Gronk or the “Man in the Arena” as a media mogul, though, and has done an excellent job with his leg up into retirement.

Don’t expect him to make a Gronk-like return to the field, either. The Squirrel seems plenty happy to act as a TB12 translator for the rest of us — or save the occasional broadcast or two, like he did on Monday night.

Ever since Edelman’s angry rant at the tail end of October about the Patriots’ propensity for penalties and turnovers, the team has become a machine, efficiently shredding the AFC’s suddenly-lower level of competition.

Maybe, by the time the Bucs-Patriots Super Bowl rolls around, Coach Belichick can use Edelman’s translation powers for good here and steal a few of Brady’s signals.