Patriots: Matt Judon is pumped after the NFL rescinded his Week 1 fine

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 19: Matt Judon #9 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 19: Matt Judon #9 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The New England Patriots spent most of the 2021 offseason giving out huge contracts to players like Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith in order to surround their quarterback with as much talent as possible.

But perhaps the most impactful name that came over was pass rusher Matt Judon.

Judon wasted no time making himself known, as he’s already recorded eight sacks on the young season. His campaign didn’t get started off on the best note, however, as his Patriots were unable to take down Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins to give Miami the only win they have all season long.

The veteran only had four tackles (and no sacks), all the while costing himself a nice chunk of change when he was fined $10,300 for an unnecessary roughness penalty near the Miami bench.

But as the Patriots’ season turned around, so has Judon’s luck.

He appealed the fine from Week 1 and the league rescinded it this week. Time to blow that $10K on some fun, right?!

Judon tried to see if anyone in the Twitterverse wanted to go out to dinner on him, claiming that he’s “got a little money to spend.” Money never lost is … money gained?

Judon proceeded to ask fans for their CashApp accounts in order to send them a nice chunk of change. If his goal is to become an immediate fan favorite in New England, his play and personality are certainly helping him achieve it.

Patriots star Matt Judon had his fine rescinded and he’s thrilled.

The only players with more sacks than Judon’s eight this season are TJ Watt, Harold Landry, and league-leader Myles Garrett. New England placed a ton of responsibility on him and he has produced for them at a rate that’s making his contract look like a bargain.

While a player that signed a $56 million contract over the next four years isn’t exactly hurting for money, it’s always nice to get an extra five figures back when the league decides to try and unfairly swipe a few stacks away.

This is nothing new for Judon, who has had issues with the league fining him before, as some accidental contact with an official in Baltimore took over $30,000 out of his wallet. You can bet he’ll be fighting every single fine the NFL tries to levy upon him for the remainder of his career.

And the more that get rescinded, the more there is to go around for the good old folks on CashApp.