Patriots: Jalen Mills getting trolled by CeeDee Lamb was absolutely brutal

The New England Patriots put together quite the impressive performance against CeeDee Lamb and the Dallas Cowboys, matching one of the best offenses in the league blow for blow before the dam broke in overtime.

One player who contributed to that poor final drive was cornerback Jalen Mills.

Despite some boisterous comments from JC Jackson earlier in the week, Mills saw plenty of time matched up with Lamb.

Considering the statistical domination that Lamb unleashed last night, it’s easy to see why the second-year stud is quickly becoming one of the best wide receivers in the game.

Lamb caught nine passes for 149 yards and two scores in the victory, and it seemed like he always ended up wide open whenever he was matched up against Mills. The way in which Lamb and the Cowboys punctuated this win will have to annoy New England until the end of the season.

When Lamb raced to the end zone to give Dallas the win, he slowed up his trot to showboat for Mills right before crossing the goal line. After Mills pushed Lamb over, he got up and waved goodbye with a smile on his face. Just some absolutely brutal stuff.

Jalen Mills and the Patriots fell apart against Dallas.

Mills was signed to a hefty free-agent contract despite some shaky performances in Philadelphia due to the expectation that he could be a versatile player that could fill multiple roles in the secondary. Unfortunately, that hasn’t necessarily translated to a ton of on-field success of late.

Considering how Prescott and Kellen Moore targeted the secondary, it’s clear that they don’t respect New England’s defensive backs. This looked like a re-run of all of those Eagles games where Prescott would pass for 400 yards while barely breaking a sweat thanks to Mills and the defensive coaching staff.

The Patriots went from one of the best defenses in the league during the past few years to one of the worst in a span of two weeks. Davis Mills and the Texans absolutely demolished them fresh off getting shut out in Buffalo, and Prescott looked like Dan Marino, overcoming coaching flubs to pick up a victory. The Mills contract is quickly looking like an overpay.

Something has happened to this defense over the last few weeks, and they need to get things sorted out as quickly as possible in order to avoid another repeat of last week. If Mills continues to get roasted like a rotisserie chicken in the secondary, the Patriots will unceremoniously crash out of the playoff picture for good.