Patriots: Isaiah Wynn getting steamrolled by Bucs nearly got Mac Jones killed

Patriots LT Isaiah Wynn (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Patriots LT Isaiah Wynn (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Despite totaling -1 rushing yards, the New England Patriots took the defending champion Buccaneers down to the wire on Sunday night.

For the most part, Mac Jones outplayed Tom Brady on his big return to Foxborough. Whether it was the inclement weather or his emotions (or both), Brady missed a number of throws that he would typically complete in his sleep.

Jones, on the other hand, was poised as can be. Despite having no running game and facing consistent pressure from the Bucs’ vaunted defensive front, Jones finished 31-of-40 for 275 yards and two touchdowns to one interception.

He completed 19 passes in a row at one point, which tied Brady for the longest streak in a single game by a Patriots quarterback in the last 30 years.

At one point, though, we thought Jones was done for the night after he was walloped by Joe Tryon-Shoyinka in the second half.

To his credit, Jones popped right back up, but this was simply an awful look for Isaiah Wynn, who got steamrolled by Vita Vea on the play.

Patriots LT Isaiah Wynn almost got Mac Jones killed vs Tampa Bay.

“Not an ideal rep” is putting it kindly. In Wynn’s defense, this was a perfectly-timed play call from Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. However, let’s not pretend like we’ve never seen it called before. This was really your basic attempt to hoodwink an opposing OL and, unfortunately for Jones, it worked in spades.

Wynn clearly didn’t expect Tyron to cut inside and Vea to head in his direction. Any player blindsided by the Bucs’ 6-foot-4, 347-pound behemoth would get tossed around like a ragdoll, but Wynn has to be more attentive here.

It’s worth noting that Ted Karras also fell for the trap (he helped guide Vea into Wynn’s path), but Wynn needs to keep his head on a swivel. The former first-round pick was so fixated on blocking Tyron that he completely lost his bearings.

As a result, Tyron got a free hit on Jones, who was lucky to escape the play without an injury. Seriously, have you seen a bigger hit on a quarterback this season that wasn’t flagged for roughing the passer? You’d be hard-pressed to name one.

Besides that lowlight, Wynn held up OK against the Bucs’ fearsome pass rush, as he allowed two other pressures across 59 snaps, per Pro Football Focus.

Overall, it wasn’t a terrible performance from Wynn. However, fans will center on this highlight, which, again, nearly hospitalized the franchise’s first-round quarterback. We’re obviously exaggerating, but Wynn will find himself watching from the sidelines if he turns in more unwatchable reps like this.

Luckily for him (and Jones), the Patriots don’t play the Bucs again this season.