Patriots: Tom Brady gets hilarious revenge on Mike Vrabel in savage interview

Does anybody else miss the days when Tom Brady refused to reveal his sense of humor to keep in line with the New England Patriots’ culture?

We certainly don’t. That isn’t to say we were happy to see Brady sign with the Buccaneers. However, ever since he left Foxborough, the seven-time champ has unleashed a version of himself we only saw in glimpses during his Patriots career.

Not only is Brady legitimately one of the funniest players in the NFL, but he’s found himself trending on numerous occasions for roasting some of his colleagues.

Remember when he appeared on HBO’s “The Shop: Uninterrupted” and blasted an unnamed team for sticking with their current QB over signing him?

Well, Brady was back in the news cycle this week when he absolutely destroyed Mike Vrabel during an episode of Buccaneers series “In the Current” that gave a behind-the-scenes look into Tampa Bay’s recent joint practices with the Titans.

Tom Brady roasted former Patriots teammate Mike Vrabel.

Brady from the top rope! Seriously, imagine we got to see this version of Brady during his time with the Patriots? You can bet he wouldn’t have been as universally hated as he was. All he had to do was break free from Bill Belichick.

Vrabel obviously wasn’t going to led that slide, so the Titans head coach clapped back at Brady with a pretty cold-blooded response.

“I know you guys (the Bucs) are moving forward, but it’s good to see another defense carry Brady to another Super Bowl.”

We could listen to Brady and Vrabel go back and forth for hours. Bringing up the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry was a nice touch from the 44-year-old QB, who clearly kept the receipts from when his former teammate trolled him in a tweet a few weeks ago.

If we’re being honest, Vrabel should’ve seen this coming.

Brady always gets the last laugh, people. This troll job for the ages might not make up for when Vrabel’s Titans defeated Brady and the Patriots in the first round of the playoffs two years ago, but it’s pretty darn close.

Too soon?

The good news for football fans is that the Buccaneers and Titans will lock horns this season in Week 12 in November, so Brady and Vrabel have plenty of time to brainstorm another set of roasts for each other.

In the meantime, Vrabel will need to pick himself up, because Brady undoubtedly won this round.