Patriots: Mac Jones dominated Rookie Night with Cam Newton impression

Patriots QBs Cam Newton and Mac Jones (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)
Patriots QBs Cam Newton and Mac Jones (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images) /

The New England Patriots are currently in the midst of a quarterback “competition” between veteran Cam Newton an 2021 first-round pick Mac Jones.

While the two gunslingers have gone head-to-head in practice for most of the offseason, however, they’re actually incredibly close behind closed doors.

You’ll even stumble across the occasional video on social media of them horsing around on the practice field.

The latest installment of their shenanigans actually transpired behind closed doors, at Patriots Rookie Night, no less.

Every year during camp, New England, like numerous teams, has their rookie class put on skits in front of their new teammates as a form of orientation.

The 2021 edition took place last week, and, based on what reporters and Patriots players are saying, Jones stole the show with his Newton impression, which included dressing up in an outlandish outfit and rattling off some of the former MVP’s famous slogans.

Mac Jones owned Patriots Rookie Night with his Cam Newton impression.

Team chemistry will be paramount for head coach Bill Belichick with so many new faces in the locker room this season, and this report proves morale is sky-high right now.

We already had a hunch that Newton and Jones were close — Newton has consistently raved about Jones being the right pick for the Patriots, etc. — but this confirms it.

Speaking of new faces, Jones’ stunt drew high praise from Jalen Mills. The sixth-year defensive back, who New England signed to a four-year, $24 million deal in free agency, was blown away by Jones’ impersonation, which fittingly included wearing a huge top hat and a scarf.

"“Mac, he came in dressed as Cam. He had the big hat on, had a scarf on, came in saying Cam slogans, different things like that. It was real funny to see him getting out of character.”"

Raekwon McMillan, who’s been a standout performer for the Patriots at training camp, took things a step further with his recollection of Rookie Night.

Here’s McMillan’s full quote.

"“Oh, man. That was dope. This is my fifth year in the league. That’s probably the best rookie impersonation I’ve ever seen. That’s probably the best one. I give him kudos for that. It was spot-on about everything that Cam does, how he dresses.“He came in with a suitcase. You know Cam’s swagged up to the floor, man, so (Jones) came in and he kind of jumped out of his comfort zone, too… Mac’s kind of a chill guy, relax, kicked back, and he came in acting like Cam. It was dope.”"

That’s what we like to see from the rookie!

While this skit obviously won’t give Jones a leg up in the quarterback competition, you better believe it helped him gain the respect of his teammates, if he didn’t already have it.

Regardless of who winds up as the starter in Week 1, Jones and Newton already being close enough to mess with each other is great news for the Patriots.