Patriots: Matt Judon has NSFW message for NFLPA over new COVID-19 rules

Matt Judon. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Matt Judon. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Matt Judon figures to be a huge part of the New England Patriots’ revitalization after signing a huge contract in free agency.

However, considering that the COVID-19 pandemic is still very much a thing, the Patriots might have to suffer through another season in which the virus could have an impact on the NFL.

The league has already informed teams that unvaccinated players will need to get tested for COVID-19 daily as well as socially distance and wear masks.

Now, they are ramping up the vaccination push by showing they are willing to hurt a team’s record if there happens to be a virus outbreak that causes scheduling issues.

A memo passed out by the league has confirmed that in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak so severe forces a game to be postponed, which then cannot be rescheduled due to other factors, the league will force whichever team responsible to forfeit the game AND their check for that week. Judon was … not pleased with this.

The Pats defensive end attacked the NFLPA for agreeing to this deal, saying that it “sucks” with some of the most extreme and definitive language possible. We don’t know if Judon has been vaccinated, but we do know he isn’t a fan of these new provisions.

Patriots pass rusher Matt Judon is going after his own union.

Judon is not the only player who shares these sentiments. Arizona Cardinals superstar receiver DeAndre Hopkins has claimed in a since-deleted tweet that he would rather retire than hurt his team by forcing a forfeit. He deleted the original tweet, replacing it with one that just says “Freedom?”

Bill Belichick has spoken about how his team is “informed” about the vaccine, while long snapper Joe Cardona has spoken about how the team is going to prioritize science over misinformation.

While 78% of the league has had at least one shot, the ones refusing to take the vaccine, players that can be officially deemed as detriments to the team if they are willing to put the win-loss record in jeopardy, represent a very vocal minority.

The league is not requiring vaccination, but they are doing everything they can to entice players to get the shot, as is their right as a private company and employer. Perhaps Judon is simply upset that it’s come to this, but there are consequences after a global epidemic upends everyone and everything for an entire year.