Patriots: Tom Brady’s golf ball is an unbelievable brag

Every piece of former New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has always been a story, right down to his equipment. Just ask the Indianapolis Colts about the ideal gas law.

This time, though, Brady has taken back control of the narrative, and an eagle-eyed viewer of “The Match” this week noticed his golf balls are now doing the talking for him.

Much of the focus at this particular event was on the other quarterback, Aaron Rodgers — who might be pulling a Brady in the coming days and finagling a new home out of the whole ordeal.

But while Brady, Gronk and the rest of the Twitterati were chirping Rodgers about his future in Green Bay, the GOAT got off a fairly solid under-the-radar brag during the big event.

Not sure if Patriots fans watched this year — after all, last year’s edition of The Match captured our attention much more seamlessly considering we were all locked down in the heart of quarantine — but this photo should suffice, in case you missed it.

Is it a “humblebrag” if it’s written on tiny type on a golf ball?

Former Patriots QB Tom Brady’s golf ball did the flexing for him at The Match.

Wow. Yup. That’s all of them. The six that matter, and then something called “LV”. Very impressive work from the greatest quarterback of all time.

Whenever Brady actually calls it quits (sometime mid-century), he should just emblazon all of those on the hull of a ship like Bill Belichick. No need to mess around with clever names. Just list ’em all out.

As is typical whenever Brady gets in front of a mic (which is often), he was asked mid-tournament about which of the seven small-text titles is his most impressive. Naturally, he chose the 28-3 comeback, forever the gold standard of … sports wins? Honestly, probably.

Second place, of course, was losing to Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau at golf in a barely-watched publicity stunt.

Make sure to tune in next year, when the text detailing Brady’s Super Bowl wins spills off the edge of the ball and an official DQs him for non-regulation equipment, at which point he explodes in rage and demands he be referred to as “The Titleist.”