Tom Brady wore wild outfit to Kentucky Derby and Twitter roasted him

Somehow, former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady makes more noise than any other participant in the Kentucky Derby every year he attends the event.

Consider this yet another Brady victory over the Colts, we guess.

On Saturday, Brady joined a full-capacity crowd at the first regularly-scheduled Derby since 2019, and witnessed another consummate winner in Bob Baffert secure his seventh career win at the event.

Unfortunately, he did so while wearing an outfit that many fans online found quite notable in its villainy.

Coming off his remarkable seventh Super Bowl victory, Brady showed up dressed to the nines on Saturday.

Oh, sorry, read that wrong. He was dressed to the “NEINS!” because he looked like a German villain from “The Expendables 8”.

Former Patriots QB Tom Brady got roasted for his Kentucky Derby outfit.

We definitely see a little Darkwing Duck resemblance here. Unlike Brady’s pliability workouts, that’s not a stretch.

It really took a lot for Brady to temporarily steal the spotlight from his fellow quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who took the Draft Weekend narrative by the reins and wouldn’t let it go after leaking the Packers’ dysfunction and his own unhappiness.

However, on Derby Day, all eyes were on Brady, with Rodgers serving as the side joke.

Plenty of folks looked at Brady and saw several different pop culture references reflected in his dark, mirrored glasses.

And you know what? All of them were valid. When you dress like this, you just have to grin and bear it.

Facing Brady has been Doom for opposing QBs for decades now, and who are we to Judge?

But was Brady the scourge of Toon Town on Saturday, or was he about to get his face melted by some thunderous horse hoof action?

So which Brady do you ultimately prefer: dark glasses slick evil Brady, or sun-baked drunk trophy-throwing Tampa Brady?

We already know the answer, but we’re just asking.

If TB12 could dress like this in next year’s Sunday Night Football intro, we wouldn’t hate it.