Patriots: Chris Simms just released worst mock draft in NFL history

There’s a wide range of outcomes for the New England Patriots in the 2021 NFL Draft, and we’re extremely excited to stop speculating about them on Thursday night and get back to analyzing.

Will they take their QB of the future? Will that require a trade up for the first time in forever? What about a game-changing linebacker or a different offensive chess piece?

No matter what you believe will happen or what you prefer, I think we can all agree that if Ohio State QB Justin Fields slips to 15, New England won’t hesitate to pull the trigger, and will be overjoyed by the coup that has taken place.

Well, either that or they’ll let his slide continue all the way to the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS at 32 so he can be Tom Brady’s backup, as analyst Chris Simms seems to believe.

Fields has lost the wind in his sails the past few weeks for … whatever reasons (draw your own conclusions, we have ours), and he’s lost his seemingly-solid spot in the draft’s top three to players like Mac Jones in recent weeks.

Analyze his game all you want. Pick apart his flaws. In what world does he sneak past the Patriots, then fall 17 more spots to the Super Bowl champions?

Chris Simms’ mock draft is astounding, and the Patriots don’t benefit.

From what we’ve heard, the Patriots have made calls to both Detroit at No. 7 and Carolina at No. 8 to talk about Fields specifically.

Something we haven’t heard is … well, anything about trading up with Dave Gettleman (who never, ever trades down) in order to get Jaylen Waddle, the recently-hobbled member of the Alabama receiving corps.

If you’re not a Patriots fan, there’s plenty for you to quibble about with Simms’ analysis, too. Why are the Denver Broncos taking linebacker Micah Parsons? Why are the Dolphins reaching for DeVonta Smith after clearing an OL spot for Penei Sewell? Joe Tryon to the Jets at 23?

Even the Packers picking WR Kadarius Toney for Aaron Rodgers at 29 feels too smart for their braintrust. Nice going, Simms, you’ve made errors in both directions.

We’re experiencing an overload of mock drafts in the final days before Roger Goodell struts to the podium, and this one takes the cake.

If Brady has his very own Jordan Love on Thursday night, we’ll print this out and eat it.