Patriots: Tom Brady-Julian Edelman social media exchange really needs to go away

If there’s ONE thing New England Patriots fans do not need right now, it’s ANY connection between Julian Edelman and Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

They dealt with that enough the moment Brady left in free agency last March.

They don’t need it again after Edelman announced his retirement from the sport and presumably closed that chapter of his life.

But these two guys are still friends … and they’re very much active on social media.

It was only a matter of time before they interacted in a corny way to drum up hysteria among Pats fans. We should’ve known.

It came on Friday when Brady responded to an Instagram story Edelman mentioned him in the day prior.

Former Patriots Tom Brady and Julian Edelman having fun on social media is sickening.

Ohhh no. New England cannot have another former Patriot head south to team up with TB12. Rob Gronkowski following him was all we could handle.

We’re not exactly sure what Edelman’s reasoning was for mentioning Brady, but we do know Brady complained about the NFL changing its rules surrounding number restrictions. Maybe this was Edelman playfully trolling his friend about that?

Either way, we didn’t need it! These two share an unbreakable bond after spending 2009-2019 together. And the way 2019 ended probably eats at them. So when Brady responded to Edelman and referred to him as a “free agent,” fans were well within their right to want to smash the nearest object.

This connection was made for New England — not anywhere else. Regardless of what Brady says about the Patriot Way, Edelman embodied that philosophy throughout his career and it helped pave the way for the second stage of the franchise’s two-decade dynasty.

Sadly, Edelman’s career was shortened due to a knee injury that held him back in 2020 and seemingly prevented him from getting back on track this offseason, which led to his tough decision.

Every knows Brady is going to play until he’s 45. Pats fan can live with that at this point. They just witnessed the worst-case scenario of him spending time away from New England when he won the Super Bowl in his first season with the Bucs.

But Edelman riding off into the sunset with him? No way. No thanks. Can’t happen. His career simply needs to start and finish with the Patriots. Brady can’t take that away from us.