Patriots: Tedy Bruschi explains why Bill Belichick won’t trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

With the 2021 Draft officially less than a month away, the New England Patriots, though it’s not necessarily their fault, have managed to become the center of attention.

What prompted this around-the-clock coverage, of course, was a blockbuster trade between the 49ers and Dolphins that saw San Fran jump up nine spots to the No. 3 overall pick, putting them in perfect position to select their quarterback of the future.

This obviously questions Jimmy Garoppolo’s future with the Niners, who have come out and said that they won’t trade him this year.

However, if the coaching staff believes whomever they draft is ready to start as a rookie, they’ll likely look to move him before the start of the season.

That’s where the Patriots enter the conversation as a potential destination for Garoppolo, who they drafted in the second round back in 2014. However, ESPN analyst and former Patriot Tedy Bruschi doesn’t seem to think that Bill Belichick is interested in a potential reunion.

During a recent appearance on “Get Up!,” Bruschi noted Garoppolo’s extensive injury history, plus the fact that the 49ers will reportedly only move him at the right price, as the chief reasons why Belichick probably won’t trade for the 29-year-old quarterback.

ESPN analyst and former Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi isn’t convinced that Bill Belichick will trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

We’re in complete lockstep with Bruschi here. To shed further light on Garoppolo’s durability concerns, he’s appeared in more than six games just once in four seasons since his big-money move to San Francisco.

You also have to consider the fact that Garoppolo (when healthy) hasn’t been great under center for the 49ers. Across 31 games, the seven-year pro has registered a lousy 58.1 QBR. He’s also averaged fewer than 240 passing yards per game, to go along with 26 interceptions.

With all the cap space the Pats have spent renovating their roster, do they really want to add an inconsistent, injury-prone QB who will account for a combined $53.4 million cap hit over the final two years of his deal? If we know the answer to that question, chances are Belichick does, too.

Furthermore, the Patriots are said to be intrigued by the prospect of drafting Mac Jones in the first round. Given the hype surrounding the Alabama star (the 49ers are being widely linked to nabbing him with the third pick), surrendering anything of significance to acquire Garoppolo would simply be terrible business.

Not to mention that Cam Newton, the projected starter for next season, has incredible potential for a bounce-back campaign following the upgrades the Pats made to their offensive personnel in free agency. He also has a much cheaper contract, which comes with a lowly $5.42 million cap hit.

Bruschi was actually endorsing Garoppolo returning to Foxborough just a few weeks ago, but this segment proves that he’s come to his senses. Nobody knows what the Patriots’ intentions are here, but most fans and analysts seem to be of the opinion that trading for Jimmy G is NOT in their best interest.